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Actual 2018: Volunteers in Harrachov | Start: 22 Jul 2018 | End Date: 05 Aug 2018

Older 2017: Volunteers in Harrachov | Start: 25 Jul 2017 | End Date: 08 Aug 2017

Older 2016: Culture and sports in Harrachov | Start:19 Jul 2016 | End: 03 Aug 2016


Our workcamp Culture and Sports in Harrachov 2016

After all technical and organization preparations, and after sending invitations all around the world in March, we welcomed eight smiling youths with large rucksacks and suitcases at the bus stop “u Motejlků” in Harrachov, on Tuesday the 19th of July. They all came eager to work, as well as to get to know our city and local residents....

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